Vision & Mission
We specialize in
Injection Molded Rubber Parts
  DOOSUNG believes that when the entire team embraces a vision, it leads to greater enthusiasm, unity, effectiveness and purpose. We communicate our business vision
with our staff, share our knowledge and experience, and set positive work ethic. Moreover, we encourage our members to actively communicate, interact and share feedbacks
for the vibrant working condition and excellent product sustainability.
  We believe there is no improvement without innovation and no innovation without any challenges. We are not afraid to challenge ourselves to the change and turn it around into
creative thoughts and actions. For we understand that human interaction, conflict, and debate are what is necessary for good ideas and true innovation. Innovation and creativity are
not an option for DOOSUNG, it’s a necessity because our ultimate goal is to create sustainable end-products and bring satisfaction into the lives of our customers.
  Ensuring environmental safety, health and protection for all employees has supported DOOSUNG with commitment and engagement for sustainable communities,
efficient performance and high-quality products. Our endless efforts to benefit our employees, partners and consumers all over the world have been the basis for our growth and
As much as we value in transparency in our performance and products which maintains trust and respect, our passion for customer satisfaction and the well being of society is
what keeps our spirit alive.