Test Procedure
We specialize in
Injection Molded Rubber Parts

 Quality Management

A unit of very efficient procedures allows us to manage and control the quality at all stages of production; from materials and statistical control of the process to the endurance test. Our experience which enables us to a permanent development in all areas includes research, production, customer service, and staff motivation. Our emphasis is on improving our business practices, the quality of our products and performance and maintaining well trained staff. We strive to create the highest quality products to meet our customer’s expectations and regulatory requirements.

 Testing Equipment

For the accurate testing results, along with lab equipments such as rheometer tester, ozone tester ,tensile tester, non-contact vision measuring machine and measuring tool microscope
are in use.


DOOSUNG selects the best materials before testing them systematically and precisely. Our store keeping is managed by a FIFO (First in- First Out) system which also takes into account the use-by date. Also, our laboratory chooses the appropriate material or develops a specific mixture to create satisfying outcomes based on our customer’s specifications.