We specialize in
Injection Molded Rubber Parts

  1986.07 Establishment of DOOSUNG
  1990.08 Acquisition of UL
  1995.04 DIAPHRAGM raw materials supply Contract with France EFFBE
  1995.12 The 2nd VENDOR rubber company registration with Hyundai Motor.
  2000.04 ISO 9002 Certificate for Quality Standards
  2000.11 “SQ” Mark Certificate from Hyundai Motor Group
  2001.11 QS 9000 Certificate for Quality Standards
  2008.04 Establishment of 2nd plant (Icheon, Korea)
  2010.05 Establishment of R&D Center
  2011.01 Establishment of Clean Room for health care & lens
                 (10,000 CLASS, 300m2 at Icheon plant)
  2013.11 Renault Samsung SES-Tier2 Certificate
Since our establishment in 1986, the advancement of DOOSUNG has been unremitted and steady due to the investment in high-technical tools, human resources and partnership with other manufacturers.

Our insights on ever-changing market demands and decisive management have enabled us to establish second plant, installed with cutting-edge technology systems to give full system offer along with R&D Center and Clean room for hygienic equipments.