We specialize in
Injection Molded Rubber Parts


What you see everyday, both inside and outside of your automobiles is what we make. DOOSUNG's rubber parts are being used in many different areas of automotive fields, offering an excellent resistance to weathering, low compression set, excellent dielectric properties, and an excellence in quality.


There's no doubt that health is interrelated with the well being of our lives. It is crucial that the demands for healing process is met by the best qualities with carefully tested items. Hence, to best meet the requirements for treatments and support the fields of healthcare industry, DOOSUNG manufactures pure, safe, compatible and stable rubber parts.


Electronics are constantly advancing in their functionality and performance as demands for higher quality in materials and its parts increase. DOOSUNG is pioneering more ways to advance our lifestyle in the electronics age. We do this by pursuing improvements in our applications and technologies for cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness.

Special Application

Along with single rubber parts, our overmolded manufacturing components have expanded to the products that could benefit almost all areas. Increasing demand and challenges have contributed to the development and advancement in manufacturing special products.