Liquid Injection Molding
We specialize in
Injection Molded Rubber Parts
DOOSUNG produces Liquid Injection molded rubber parts to serve the requirements of fast paced,
technology-driven markets. Liquid Injection Molding, also known as LIM is an efficient system that
leads to a great deal of durable component production. Hence, most of DOOSUNG products rely on
Liquid Injection Molding System.
There are two types of manufacturing process we go through under Liquid Injection Molding. One is
being processed under cold runner system. Its advantage includes evenly mixed materials,
no smell, no byproduct, uniformity in quality, mass production, competitive price, accurate
measurement, and clean management system by its full auto system. Another type which is
processed under hot runner system contains evenly mixed materials, no smell, uniformity in
quality, accurate measurements and small production.
DOOSUNG’s purpose for creating Liquid Injection molded rubber parts is due to its shorter cycle times compared to that of traditional silicone manufacturing processes, higher level of
automation, high volume, tight tolerance, and better clarity.

LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber)
Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) is one of our source of materials for manufacturing complex molded parts and components. LSR is ideal for demanding design, tolerance and complex molds
due to its ability to easily fill the most complex part of a mold. LSR enables us to offer better end-products because it does not generate dregs or volatiles during the curing process.
Not only does it guarantee the highest quality of the products, but it ensures the speed of the process, for it offers high levels of automation and almost 24/7 production.
Its characteristics and chemical properties make it an ideal material for general applications as well as specific market demands.