2-Shot Injection Molding
We specialize in
Injection Molded Rubber Parts
2-Shot injection molding system has the ability to manufacture multicomponent parts comprised of two different materials or different colors in a single machine cycle. 2-Shot Injection Molding had us take advantage in both of the best features of materials while eliminating the unnecessary operation at the same time.
Benefits of 2-shot injection molding include :
 Practical Solutions :
  - Able to create new complex mold designs which incorporate multiple materials or colors
- Enhanced in cosmetic product features
- Compatible materials being used during the molding process, assuring reliability of the component.
 Improved Quality :
  - High level of repeatability
- Reduced potential contamination risk.
- A single tool allows for lower tolerances
 Reduced Cost and Time :
  - The entire process is accomplished in a single and simultaneous injection molding cycle, eliminating secondary operations.
- High speed automated operations.
- Cost reduction by savings in production, handling assembly and inventory